Planetary Centrifugal Mixer

Planetary Centrifugal Mixer

KURABO was established in 1888 as a spinning company in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, to promote local industry. The company name KURABO comes from the Japanese “Kurashiki Bouseki” (Kurashiki Spinning), with Kurashiki being the company’s birthplace. Since then, the business has expanded to various fields including textiles, chemical products, engineering, electronics, and bio-medical. KURABO has been creating new value while firmly maintaining its original spirit for over 125 years.

KURABO’s electronics technology was developed from the process of controlling colors in our dyeing plant. 
The first product developed was Computer Color Matching System (CCM) for computing the color matching process for dyes. 
CCM spread to various industries treating colored materials, and then we introduced our Automatic Colorant Dispensing System for realizing speedy and highly accurate dispensing. 
After the addition of MAZERUSTAR for mixing/deaerating various kinds of materials, our “color matching, dispensing, and mixing” lineup was complete.

Kurabo mixerA revolution in mixing/deaerating!

Mixing/deaerating can be conducted simultaneously within a short time by rotating and revolving (planetary rotating) a container of materials without using a mixing rod/blade or vacuum device.

No blades or rods! No cleaning needed! No contamination! 
Mixes and deaerates various kinds of materials. Applicable to a wide variety of materials, with the revolution/rotation ratio able to be set freely and flexibly.
Achieves production of highly functional materials with improved quality.

Two unique mechanisms

[Mechanism 1]

Revolution/rotation speed is independently changeable with our “cut bearing” technique (independent of large mechanisms) 

[Mechanism 2]

Variable motion, continuous step mechanism (maximum five steps)

Examples of applicable materials

Epoxy resin, silicon resin, acryl resin, urethane resin, polyimide, wax, grease, lubricant, oil, water, various kinds of solvents, silver powder, gold powder, copper powder, carbon, alumina, pigment, phosphor, calcium carbonate, tungsten, titan, glass powder, glass fiber, silica, aluminum powder, pearl, various kinds of fibers, silver paste, carbon paste, copper paste, UV ink, oily ink, special paint, diamond,
Various kinds of mineral resources, abrasive

Examples of product use

Conductive/resistance/insulation paste
Condenser, resistor, secondary battery, fuel battery, solar battery panel
PCB resist/padding ink
Green sheets, heat dissipation sheets, heat insulators
Optical fiber cables
Slurry, carbon nano-tubes
Abrasive grains, polishing of small parts, particle grinding

LED sealing agents, LCD sealing agents, liquid crystal
sealing agents for organic EL
Conductive material and sealing agents for touch panel displays
Various kinds of paste, membranes, film materials for PDP

Medical materials, pharmaceuticals, dental materials, ointment
Lens coating materials
Lipsticks, mascaras, nail gel, cream, foundation
Print ink, paint color matching
Sealing materials